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map of germany tours, including day trips to Germany's neighbouring countries Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands B E A C F D  

A: Rhine and Romans B: Western Contrasts C: Cosmopolitan North

D: Active in Eastern Germany E: Southern Delights F: Alpine Gems

Main River Bike Tail    Saar Moselle Bike Trail   Weser River Bike Trail


Germany Cycle Tours

Come and experience Germany at a leisurely pace and close-up on one of our bike trails that can easily be combined with our Germany Tours (see below).
All our cycle trails follow rivers and have no major gradients. We usually cycle on dedicated high quality paved or gravel cycle paths away from roads or on small country roads with little traffic.
New Cycle Tours in Germany for 2018 coming up soon - contact us for more details

Saar Moselle Bike Trail 

On this tour we experience Germany's wine culture first hand along two meandering beautiful rivers. On our way to the famous Rhine Valley we cycle past many vineyards producing the delicious Moselle wine, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and have ample opportunities for wine tastings. We'll experience sleepy cobble-stoned villages, historical sights dating back to Roman times, and several world heritage sights including an impressive icon of Germany's industrial culture. 


7 Days bike guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates


Weser River Bike Trail 

We cycle through fairy tale country along the beautiful river Weser. We experience villages full of narrow half-timbered houses and visit romantic renaissance towns that are home to famous German folklore figures like the Lying Baron of Münchhausen or the Pied Piper. We get an insight into a diverse range of German culture, from porcelain manufacture to perfume making, and visit a Baroque spa town as well as an ancient Benedictine monastery.

5 Days bike guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates


Main River Bike Trail Tour not available in 2017

This cycle tour is more than just a bike trip through picturesque German landscapes as we visit many culturally important and impressive sights. Local guides give us an insiders view into German history and culture in the fascinating cities of Bayreuth, Bamberg and Würzburg that offer a diverse range of impressive buildings, some dating back to the 4th century. We cycle past fields of hops in the beer franc region to the scenic vineyards of the wine franc region on this award winning cycle trail. 

6 Days bike guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates

Germany Tours

Apart from walking and cycling through diverse German landscapes, we use a small bus, train, subway, a rowing boat and a ferry, and even a gondola to see the main sights of Germany and also the many hidden treasures on these tours.
You can combine each weekly regional trip with our Cycle Tours or your individual Europe travels, or link them up for the ultimate 6 week Germany tour.


Rhine and Romans 

We will take you to a region abundant with castles steeped in culture and turbulent history right from their Roman beginnings through to modern times. Travelling by train and boat, you’ll see famous sights, Lorelei for example or impressive Marksburg Castle, and enjoy some of the local specialities along the Rhine and Moselle rivers. On a leisurely bike ride we explore art and nature at the Hoge Veluwe Park in the Netherlands and on another day we'll cycle to the Archaeological Park in Xanten where you’ll get to experience Roman life. The cathedral cities of Cologne and Aachen will show you how these old Roman towns have transformed into modern hives of cultural activity.

7 Days bus-bike2 guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates

Cosmopolitan North

This tour will take you from historically significant Lübeck to culturally and politically important Hamburg and Berlin and back to the romantic Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. You will get to see and experience the different aspects of modern life in Germany’s biggest cities. Hamburg is Germany’s biggest port and Berlin the capital. Society and city have evolved around these aspects and your local guide will be able to have you soak in the ambience of these unique cities. By harbour ferry and rowing boat, by train and local bus we explore historical and cultural sights like the Holocaust Memorial or the Stasi museum as well as exciting urban architectural projects together in our small group.

7 Days

train guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates


Western Contrasts 

This tour will take you to three countries within a week. Starting out from German Aachen you will explore Dutch Maastricht and Belge Brussels, then on to experience how Germany has transformed its industrial heritage sites into cultural spaces. On a scenic bike ride you will glide past romantic moated castles, manors, churches and sleepy villages in the Münster region. Guided tours of cities, museums and sights like a transformed coal mine complex or a historical boat lift will reveal many hidden gems.

7 Days bus-bike2 guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates

Active in Eastern Germany 

Apart from its history, the Eastern part of Germany has a reputation for exquisite decorative arts manufacture and stunning landscapes. On this tour you will visit museums and castles as well as the famous Meissen Porcelain manufactory and many architectural gems in Dresden highlighting these cultural aspects. Stops in Polish-German Görlitz and historic Bautzen will provide additional insights into Eastern cities. Exploring the former GDRs natural beauty will include a bicycle tour and punting through the Spreewald near Berlin, a scenic hiking tour in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and at Europe’s largest natural stone bridge, located in Prebischtor in the Czech Republic.

7 Days bus-hike guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates


Southern Delights 

Travelling on this tour will show you why so many castles and country hideaways were built in the South: inaccessible mountains, mysteriously deep clear lakes and breathtaking views dominate the landscape in this part of Germany, which we will explore on walks and by boat. But first we travel through the Eastern part of Germany, where you can observe the changes that have been brought about since the German reunification, especially in the cities of Dresden and Leipzig. Other city visits, including the historic town of Regensburg, a day outing to Salzburg in Austria, and time in Bavaria's capital Munich complete the historical and cultural picture of the impressive and multi-facetted Southern region.

7 Days train guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates

Alpine Gems 

We will take you to some sites that immediately spring to mind when thinking about Germany: Neuschwanstein and BMW! What better way to demonstrate that in Germany the old and new live side by side than by visiting famous historical castles and churches, as well as looking behind the scenes of a major player in the famous German car industry. We actively explore Germany's southernmost region, in the cities by subway, bike or punt, and in the Alps on diverse scenic walks, including a gondola ride.

7 Days train-bus-hike guaranteed from 4 participants customized dates
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