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Saar Moselle River Bike Trail

Saar-Mosel-Bike-Trail Moselschleife zwischen Leiwen und Trittenheim (c) Rheinland Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Two beautiful rivers to cycle along and explore together!

On the 7 days of this tour we will experience the river Saar with its French flair, take in its industrial history at the world cultural heritage site Völklinger Hütte, and enjoy the panoramic views at the famous Saar Loop.

Further along the landscape is more and more dominated by vineyards. The trail along the winding Moselle will takes us from the Roman city of Trier to Koblenz in the Rhine valley, with plenty of breaks at the famous places along the way.

We’ll stroll through the narrow streets of the many delightful wine villages to our heart's content and have ample opportunity to try the light, fruity Moselle wines, before taking in the view over the beautiful Rhine valley at the German Corner (Deutsches Eck) in Koblenz.








Day 1: Saarbrücken – Arrival

Day 2: Saarbrücken – Mettlach             59 km

Day 3: Mettlach – Trier                         42 km

Day 4: Trier – Piesport                          46 km

Day 5: Piesport – Traben-Trabach          40 km

Day 6: Traben-Trabach - Cochem           56 km

Day 7: Cochem - Koblenz                      56 km

Day 1: Arrival in Saarbrücken

As we stroll through Saarbrücken we can feel the French flair. The changing country affiliation of the region has left its traces everywhere, including in the cuisine. For the Saarlanders it is natural to eat snails, shrimps or paté and Kir and Pastis as an aperitif are very welcome. The confectioners with their sweet creations make this a real paradise for gourmands. At the heart of Saarbrücken is the St. Johanner market with its pubs, bistros and restaurants. Here people meet or stroll through the picturesque streets around the market square. Between the old baroque houses there are fine boutiques and classy antique shops as well as the impressive church Ludwigskirche. So let's meet in Saarbrücken – and it’s worth arriving early! Your tour guide and bikes are waiting for you at the hotel. In the afternoon we meet a local guide and enjoy an English guided walking tour (2 hours).

Day 2: Saarbrücken - Mettlach

approx. 59 km cycling

Today we cycle along the Saar bike trail through a former coal mining region to Völklingen. Here we just have to take a break - the Völklinger Hütte, one of thirty-three UNESCO world cultural heritage sites in Germany, gives us an impressive look into the world of 20th Century iron and steel production.
A visit to the Völklinger Hütte is like an adventure; a guided tour (1.5 - 2 hours) will take us deep into the dark corridors of the Möllerhalle and then high up to the observation deck at the furnace. Afterwards, we continue along the Saar bike trail through the beautiful Merzig countryside to the impressive Saar Loop in Mettlach where we swap the wheels for walking shoes and take a 30-minute walk up to the "Cloef" viewpoint. The view of the Saar Loop from here is simply breathtaking!

Day 3: Mettlach - Trier

approx. 42 km cycling

Today we cycle comfortably along the Saar bike trail through forests to Saarburg whose castle sits majestically above its winding streets. A coffee break in the lovely town centre will get you ready for the next stage, as we cycle to Trier via Konz, guided by the traces of the Romans. In Trier we will enjoy once again to be guided by a local through the historic city centre and learn about the Imperial Baths and the Porta Nigra (ca. 2 hour walk).

Day 4: Trier - Piesport

approx. 46 km cycling

This day is a real classic, complete with Roman history and present day wine culture. First, we follow the Moselle bike trail to Mehring where the Villa Rustica awaits our visit. The reconstructed building and foundation walls have now reopened for public viewing. Next, we ride comfortably to Trittenheim, where a wine trail informs us about the winegrowers’ calender, native grape varieties and grape breeding. Shortly before reaching today's destination we come to Neumagen-Dhron, the oldest wine village in Germany. Where better to stop for some wine tasting!

Day 5: Piesport - Traben-Trabach

approx. 40 km cycling

Today’s highlights are the two famous Moselle towns of Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach as well as the "Kröver Nacktarsch" wine-growing region. We’ll visit the colourful, picturebook marketplace in Bernkastel-Kues and enjoy a scenic boat trip at Traben-Trarbach.

Day 6: Traben-Trabach - Cochem

approx. 56 km cycling

Today we visit Enkirch, a jewel of the Moselle’s typical half-timbered architecture, and Zell, the wine village renown for the "Zeller Black Cat". We’ll take a rewarding break in Beilstein, which proudly carries the nickname "Rothenburg-on-Moselle", and then continue on to Cochem with its picturesque town centre and 11th century imperial Cochem Castle.

Day 7: Cochem - Koblenz

approx. 49 km cycling

Today we take a detour to the medieval castle Burg Eltz before the Moselle bike trail leads us through such interesting wine villages as Koben Gondorf and Winningen. Finally we come to the German Corner (Deutsches Eck) where we enjoy the wide open view of the beautiful Rhine Valley.
We enjoy a last night together in Koblenz. Individual departure after breakfast the next morning.

Those who want to return to Saarbrücken, can book our practical minibus return transfer via Trier, including luggage and own bike. Departure is always at 9am, arriving in Saarbrücken about 1.30pm. Those who want to continue cycling along the Rhine can extend their trip to Cologne or Mainz. Or you could join us on our Rhine and Romans tour – in this case you will need an additional night in Koblenz.
We are happy to help arrange your arrival and departure or book additional services for you (such as additional nights).

Useful Information

Condition of the Bike Trails along the Saar and Moselle Rivers

The bike trails are almost always level, directly next to the banks of the Saar and Moselle and are mostly along high quality paved or gravelled cycle paths away from roads.


The Ludwigskirche in Saarbrücken’s old town is a Protestant church in the Baroque style and is one of the most significant Protestant Baroque churches in Germany. read more

Völklinger Hütte
The Völklinger Hütte is a former iron and steel works, established in 1873. Also known as an "icon of industrial culture" or "cathedral of work", in 1994 the Völklinger Hütte became the first industrial monument in the world to be accorded UNESCO world cultural heritage status. read more

Saar Loop (Saarschleife)
The Saar Loop is the most well-known symbol and landmark of Saarland. The vantage point Cloef, 180 meters above the river, offers the best view. Impressive views can also be enjoyed directly from the banks of the Saar. read more

Porta Nigra

Built in about 180 A.D. as the northern entrance to the town Augusta Treverorum (today’s Trier), the Porta Nigra in Trier is a former Roman town gate and is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. read more

Imperial Baths
The Imperial Baths (Kaiserthermen) in Trier are the remains of a large Roman bath complex, which can be visited as impressive ruins today. Built in 300 A. D. as a monument to the prestige of the emperor Constantius Chlorus and his son Konstantin, who had made Trier their residence, it has been declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site along with the other monuments and buildings of Roman Trier. read more

Villa Rustica
The Villa Rustica is a Roman estate in Mehring, on the "Roman Wine Road". Between 1983 and 1987 the villa was excavated, preserved and partially reconstructed. Today the main facade with corner projections and portico can be seen, as well as a heated living room with mosaic and parts of the bath tract. read more

Neumagen Dhron
Founded by the Romans about 2000 years ago as a stopover on the route along the Moselle from Trier to Koblenz, Neumagen-Dhron is one of a number of places which claim the title of the oldest wine village in Germany. A special attraction is the archaeological trail, with regular guided tours (optional - not included). In the centre of Neumagen there is an impressive cast of a Roman wine ship. read more

Bernkastel Kues
Bernkastel-Kues is a well-known wine culture centre in the Middle Moselle. The town is also an officially recognised rest and relaxation resort. The medieval market square with its 17th Century half-timbered houses is well worth seeing, especially the narrow Spitz house (1416), the Renaissance town hall (1608) and St. Michael’s fountain (1606). read more

Boat trip on the Moselle
From its source at the Col de Bussang in the Vosges to its mouth at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, the river Moselle flows through France for 278 km, then forms the 36 km border between Luxembourg and Germany, before flowing for 206 km through Rhineland-Palatinate where it joins the Rhine. The Moselle is navigable for 392 km from Thionville in Lorraine with 15 locks needed to overcome the gradient.
"White Fleet" (Weiße Flotte) boat trips offer a new view of steep vineyards, charming villages and historical sights at every turn. The range of steamer and pleasure boat tours available includes round-trips, extensive day trips and romantic evening cruises with music (optional activity if you want to stay longer - not included). read more

Zeller Black Cat
The term Black Cat (Schwarze Katz) in this case refers to a large property in the German Moselle wine district and is part of the Cochem region. In 1936 a monument with a fountain was placed in Zell’s old town, in honor of the Schwarze Katz. This fountain appeared on Zell’s first regional currency - the Zeller. read more

Cochem Castle
Cochem Castle (Burg Cochem) in Cochem on the Moselle is the town’s main landmark and stands on a mountain peak one hundred meters above the town. read more

Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz) is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. It is the only place in the Eifel which was never conquered or destroyed, surviving the wars of the 17th and 18th centuries and the social upheavals of the French Revolution unscathed. read more

German Corner
The so-called German Corner (Deutsches Eck) is a headland in Koblenz where the Moselle joins the Rhine. A huge equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I. was erected here in 1897. Badly damaged during World War II, the monument base served as a memorial to German Unity from 1953 until reunification in 1990. read more

Bremmer Calmont (c) Mosellandtouristik

Cochem mit Schiff (c) Mosellandtouristik

Blick auf Saarburg (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik



Konz (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik


Ockfen (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik

(c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

moselradweg winningen (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

moselradweg cochem (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

moselradweg (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

moselradweg cochem (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

moselradweg neef (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

mosel bernkastel-kues (c) Rheinland Pfalz Touristik

Saarburg (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik

Saarburg (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik

Taben-Rodt (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik

Wiltingen (c) Saar Obermosel Touristik

Photos: Saar-Obermosel Touristik /
Moselland Touristik GmbH /
Rheinland Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
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Dates, Services & Price


All our tours are available on customized dates between June and September.
We can guarantee departures if you have a group of 4 or more - contact us

This trail can be combined with the Cosmopolitan North tour or the Rhine and Romans tour.
We are happy to help arrange your transport, additional nights or any other services as required. 

What's Included:

• Activities as detailed in itinerary

Day 1  Saarbrücken - city walk guided by English-speaking local guide (2 h)
Day 2  Völklinger Hütte - entrance fee and guided tour (1,5-2 h)
Day 3  Trier - city walk guided by English-speaking local guide, entrance fees included
Day 4  Villa Rustica - visit & entrance fee and wine tasting in one of the many wine taverns ’Straussenwirtschaften’
Day 5  Scenic Moselle boat trip at Traben Trabach (2 h)
Day 6  Cochem Castle - visit & entrance fee
Day 7  Burg Eltz - visit & entrance fee

• 6-days bike hire, E-Bike available at additional cost (see more info on bikes in Details)

• 7 nights in good mid-range hotels (German standard 3-4 stars) incl. German-style breakfast, in double or twin rooms, with private facilities; single room optional with surcharge (see more info on meals and accomodation in Details)

• Luggage transport from hotel to hotel

Bike pannier (1 x 10l) plus small one on handle bar

Helmet and high visibility vest

• Map of bike trails with marked route

• Detailed route description

• Tips for tour preparation

• Professional bilingual & bicultural tour guide (English/German) throughout your whole trip


EUR 1.775 p.p. for  4 - 6 participants (discount available for groups of 7 or more)


Discover Germany with your own personal guide!




All accommodation on this tour is in good mid-range Hotels (German Standard 3- 4Stars) and includes a rich and tasty German-style breakfast (see more below under 'Meals'). Standard is a shared double or twin room with private facilities.
Single rooms available (surcharge € 190).
Please be aware of one - not so pleasant - difference between single room accommodation in hotels in Germany and hotels in New Zealand:
In Germany single rooms are in most cases not double rooms for single occupancy like in New Zealand, but often smaller rooms with a single bed (mostly 1 m wide by 2 m long).


Our bikes will be delivered to our first hotel and picked up at our final destination.
You can choose between women's and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 21-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All women's bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all women from 150 cm in height and for all men from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.
There are E-Bikes available at the additional cost of € 100 / tour.  If you are interested be quick, there are a maximum of 3 E-Bikes per Tour.
The bikes come with one pannier (10l) for the back and one smaller one on the handle bar. Helmets and high visiblity vests are provided.


Most German hotels do not offer a cooked breakfast option but typical German breakfasts are quite substantial and usually consist of different breads and bread rolls, butter, cheese, salami, ham or other delicious cold cuts, boiled eggs, fruits, muesli, yoghurt, juice, coffee, tea, milk etc. Breakfasts are included at each hotel we stay at as this is the most convenient and relaxed way to start the day.
We have chosen, however, not to include lunch and dinner as this will leave us the choice of trying out whatever takes our fancy on the day. We will reserve a table for our group to be able to dine together but will make the decision on the day if we prefer a beer garden, a specialty restaurant, a pizzeria or the local pub.
Not only is the choice of meals yours, it will also save you a bit of money as ‘dining out’ is often a cheaper option than preordering a dinner menu in our accommodation place.
Our lunch breaks will be just as flexible – a stop at a German Bakery with their almost endless choices of delectable cakes, pastries and sandwiches, a beer garden with its regional fare, a picnic along the river trail, a tasty ‘Bratwurst’ from a market or one of the local specialties on route.
You will be pleasantly surprised that in general dining out in Germany is noticeable cheaper than in New Zealand.

Interesting cities close to our start and finish destination

Just to give you an idea we have listed some interesting cities close to the start and/or end of this trip you might want to visit before or after the tour. We have also included the travel time by train and minimum of transfers required to get there.

Cities of interest close to start point

Travel time by train Transfers required
Heidelberg 1h 45 Min 1
Strassburg (France) 1h 45 Min 0
Frankfurt / Airport 2h 15 Min 1
Stuttgart 2h 15 Min 1
Rüdesheim am Rhein 3h 15 Min 2
Freiburg 3h 15 Min 1
Würzburg 4h 10 Min


Cities of interest close to end point
Travel time by train Transfers required
Köln (Cologne)  1h  0
Rüdesheim am Rhein  1h  0
Mainz  1h  0
Frankfurt / Airport  1h 45 Min  0
Aachen  2h 45 Min  2

If you intend to combine our Rhine and Romans tour with this bike trail you just need an additional night in Koblenz. You could also combine it with our Cosmopolitan North tour, which starts from Hamburg. We are happy to help arrange transport and additional nights for you – contact us.


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