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Weser River Bike Trail

Hann. Münden: Blick auf die Alte Werrabrücke und Doktorwerder (c) Touristik Naturpark Münden e.V.

The river Weser is one of the most important and also most beautiful rivers in Germany and will take us through a region rich in history and stories.

The starting point of our cycling tour along the Weser is the half-timbered idyll of Hann. Münden, where the Werra and Fulda rivers join to form the Weser.

During our 5 days together we will see buildings dating from the Romans through the Middle Ages to the Baroque Period, all set in small rural towns and all with different characters.

Experience cultural aspects of the middle region of Germany from porcelain manufacturing to perfume making to the birthplaces of some truly unique characters of German folklore.






Weser-Radkarte-HM-Minden Kopie2



Day 1: Hann. Münden – Arrival

Day 2: Hann. Münden – Beverungen        55 km

Day 3: Beverungen – Bodenwerder          50 km

Day 4: Bodenwerder – Hamelin                25 km

Day 5: Hamelin – Minden                        69 km

           Transfer back to Hann Münden

Day 1: Arrival Hann. Münden

Individual travel to Hann. Münden, where the Weser bike trail begins. Briefing and bicycle handover take place late afternoon. We recommend starting your bike tour with an initial familiarisation ride through the old town of Hann. Münden. A stroll through the medieval town centre, with its historic Weser Renaissance half-timbered houses is also very worthwhile. For 1.5 hours we will follow a local guide who will tell us fascinating stories and will bring the local history to life for us.

Day 2: Hann. Münden - Beverungen

approx. 55 km cycling

We start at the Weser Stone, exactly where the Werra and Fulda rivers merge. Through Hemeln and past the ancient Benedictine Monastery at Bursfelde, this stage leads us along the river Weser to the Baroque Huguenot town of Bad Karlshafen. The centre of Bad Karlshafen, with its lovely reconstructed baroque houses, presents an interesting contrast to the otherwise half-timbered houses of the surrounding areas.

Day 3: Beverungen - Bodenwerder

approx. 50 km cycling

There are many highlights along the way today, among them the town of Fürstenberg with its renowned porcelain manufacture, as well as the old hanseatic town of Höxter with its over 160 heritage listed buildings. Then comes Holzminden, which is known for the production of aromatic essences and perfume oils. Many an idyllic village invites us to linger along the way, before we reach today’s destination Bodenwerder.

Day 4: Bodenwerder - Hamelin

approx. 25 km cycling

The romantic town of Bodenwerder, which also lies on the Weser cycle trail, is famous for the Lying Baron of Münchausen. The fairytale town of Hamelin, home of the Pied Piper, impresses with an intact old town complete with marvelous 16th and 17th Century half-timbered houses and other buildings in the Weser Renaissance style. We have a good look around on a guided walking tour.

Day 5: Hamelin - Minden - Hann Münden

approx. 69 km cycling

At Porta Westfalica the Weser river breaks through the Wiehen- and Weser mountain ranges and reaches the Northern German lowlands. In the small 13th Century town of Rinteln we find numerous beautiful Weser Renaissance buildings. And you'll see Bad Oeynhausen, famous for its "Jordansprudel", the largest carbonated hot spring in the world, before we reach Minden. A short sightseeing tour is very worthwhile here - a prosperous Middle Ages trading city, Minden was badly damaged during World War II but was later rebuilt and restored.

We won’t stay in Minden for the last night, but instead transfer back to Hann. Münden where we’ll spend the evening together reminiscing and reliving the best moments of our tour over dinner in one of the many beer gardens and restaurants. Individual departure after breakfast the next morning.
We are happy to help arrange your arrival and departure or book additional services for you (such as additional nights).

Useful Information

Condition of the Bike Trails along the Weser River

The Weser River Bike Trail mainly follows side roads and country roads with little traffic, as well as dedicated asphalted bike tracks.


Hann. Münden
Hann. Münden (short for Hannoversch Münden, colloquially called Münden) is rich in tourist attractions like the Old Werrabrücke, one of the oldest stone bridges in the country, or the remains of the medieval 12th century city walls. Just the old town itself consists of over 700 half-timbered houses from six centuries. The magnificent half-timbered houses, defence towers, fortifications, Welfen castle, the stone bridge and the Renaissance town hall are reflections of a rich past as a waterside trading town. read more

Bad Karlshafen
Bad Karlshafen is a Baroque, thermal salt spa town, situated where the Diemel and Weser rivers meet. The town was founded in 1699 by French Huguenots fleeing persecution in France. Though initially named Sieburg, the town was later named Carlshaven after Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, who granted them refuge. The German Huguenot Museum located here contains a picture archive, library, and family histories of the Huguenots in Germany. In 1977 Karlshafen was awarded spa status, which includes the right to be referred to with the prestigious prefix 'Bad'. read more

In Fürstenberg we get to have a look at the third-oldest porcelain manufacturer in Germany. The company was founded in 1747 by the order of Duke Karl I. von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel and soon after was ordered to incorporate a blue “F” ( for Fürstenberg) into their design, which became their trademark. Despite changes in company structure and flood disasters the company is still successfully trading today. read more

The Pied Piper
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (German: Rattenfänger von Hameln) is the subject of a legend about a rat catcher that lured away the town’s children with his magic pipe when he wasn’t paid for his services. The earliest known record of this story dates from around 1300 AD and was depicted in a stained glass window created for the church of Hamelin. Although it was destroyed in 1660, several written accounts survived, lateron spread as folklore by the Brothers Grimm. read more

Porta Westfalica

As we continue towards Minden we come through Porta Westfalica, a city that was created in a communal land reform in 1973 and unites 15 local villages and communities. Its name comes from the central geographical feature of the region: the gorge between two mountain ranges, where the river Weser cuts through and enters the north German lowlands. This area has been called Porta Westfalica since the early 18th century, when it was fashionable for the elite to use Latin or French terms and means ‘gateway to Westfalia’. read more

The town of Rinteln is located in the valley between the Weser highlands and the North Lippe highlands and is a popular holiday destination due to its lovingly restored old town centre. Whole rows of colourful 16th and 17th century half-timbered houses can be seen along the narrow streets and picturesque corners in the more than 750 year-old former university and fortress town. In the centre the market square with the former town hall from 1583 is a magnificent example of the Weser Renaissance as well as the church square with the market Church of St. Nicholas. The Old Port in Rinteln recalls the days when the Weser still played a role in the economic life of the town. The Eulenburg Museum gives an overview of Rinteln history. One of the landmarks of Rinteln is the cliff tower (Klippenturm), on the 300 meter high Luhdener cliff. read more

Strolling through Minden's upper and lower town is as full of variety as the story of Minden itself. In the narrow cobbled streets you can feel transported back in time to the Middle Ages, when the artisans and shopkeepers went about their business in the narrow half-timbered houses. The more than 1000 year-old Cathedral, in which Romanesque and Gothic styles are harmoniously combined, is regarded as the most beautiful hall church in Germany. A sight definitely not to be missed. A few steps away is the Town Hall with the oldest ceremonial hall in Westphalia. Vibrant shopping streets and shopping arcades alternate with quiet streets and wide squares. Many of the buildings which had been destroyed by war or fire were lovingly rebuilt and restored by the people of Minden. read more

Hameln: Café in der Altstadt (c) Messerschmidt, Joachim

Hameln: Rattenfängerhaus (c) Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH

Radfahrer in Hameln (c) Weserbergland Tourismus e.V.

Hameln/Weser: Stiftsherrenhaus und Leisthaus (c) Keute, Jochen

Hann. Münden: Weserrenaissance-Rathaus (c) Touristik Naturpark Münden e.V.

Hann. Münden: Fachwerkjuwel in der Tanzwerderstraße (c) Touristik Naturpark Münden e.V.

Radler auf dem Weser-Radweg in Oberweser (c) Weserbergland Tourismus e.V.

Hann. Münden: Alte Werrabrücke mit Welfenschloss (c) Touristik Naturpark Münden e.V.

Hameln: Rattenfänger Freilichtspiel (c) Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.

Hameln: Der Rattenfänger (c) Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.

Höxter: Residenzschloss Corvey, Geweihgang (c) Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.

Höxter: Schloss Corvey an der Weser (c) Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.

Photos: Deutsche Zentrale für
Tourismus e.V. /
Touristik Naturpark Münden e.V. /
Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V. /
Hameln Marketing und Tourismus /
Weserbergland Tourismus e.V.

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Dates, Services & Price


All our tours are available on customized dates between June and September.
We can guarantee departures if you have a group of 4 or more - contact us

This trail can be combined with the Cosmopolitan North tour or the Rhine and Romans tour.
We are happy to help arrange your transport, additional nights or any other services as required.

What's Included:

• Activities as detailed in itinerary

Day 1  Hann Münden - guided walking tour through the half timbered town center (1.5h)
Day 2  Benedictine Monastery at Bursfelde – entrance fee
Day 3  Fürstenberg Porcelain Manufacture - visit and entrance fee
           Höxter - guided walking tour through the half timbered town center (1.5h)
Day 4  Hamelin - guided walking tour

• 4-days bike hire, E-Bike available at additional cost (see more info on bikes in Details)

• 5 nights in good mid-range hotels (German standard 3-4 stars) incl. German-style breakfast, in double or twin rooms, with private facilities; single room optional with surcharge (see more info on meals and accomodation in Details)

• Luggage transport from hotel to hotel

• Minibus transport from Minden back to Hann Münden on day 5

Bike pannier (1 x 10l) plus small one on handle bar

Helmet and high visibility vest

• Map of bike trails with marked route

• Detailed route description

• Tips for tour preparation

• Professional bilingual & bicultural tour guide (English/German) throughout your whole trip


EUR 1.495 p.p. for  4 - 6 participants (discount available for groups of 7 or more)



Discover Germany with your own personal guide!




All accommodation on this tour is in good mid-range Hotels (German Standard 3- 4Stars) and includes a rich and tasty German-style breakfast (see more below under 'Meals'). Standard is a shared double or twin room with private facilities.
Single rooms available (surcharge € 150).
Please be aware of one - not so pleasant - difference between single room accommodation in hotels in Germany and hotels in New Zealand:
In Germany single rooms are in most cases not double rooms for single occupancy like in New Zealand, but often smaller rooms with a single bed (mostly 1 m wide by 2 m long).


Our bikes will be delivered to our first hotel and picked up at our final destination.
You can choose between women's and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 21-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All women's bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all women from 150 cm in height and for all men from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.
There are E-Bikes available at the additional cost of € 100 / tour.  If you are interested be quick, there are a maximum of 3 E-Bikes per Tour.
The bikes come with one pannier (10l) for the back and one smaller one on the handle bar. Helmets and high visiblity vests are provided.


Most German hotels do not offer a cooked breakfast option but typical German breakfasts are quite substantial and usually consist of different breads and bread rolls, butter, cheese, salami, ham or other delicious cold cuts, boiled eggs, fruits, muesli, yoghurt, juice, coffee, tea, milk etc. Breakfasts are included at each hotel we stay at as this is the most convenient and relaxed way to start the day.
We have chosen, however, not to include lunch and dinner as this will leave us the choice of trying out whatever takes our fancy on the day. We will reserve a table for our group to be able to dine together but will make the decision on the day if we prefer a beer garden, a specialty restaurant, a pizzeria or the local pub.
Not only is the choice of meals yours, it will also save you a bit of money as ‘dining out’ is often a cheaper option than preordering a dinner menu in our accommodation place.
Our lunch breaks will be just as flexible – a stop at a German Bakery with their almost endless choices of delectable cakes, pastries and sandwiches, a beer garden with its regional fare, a picnic along the river trail, a tasty ‘Bratwurst’ from a market or one of the local specialties on route.
You will be pleasantly surprised that in general dining out in Germany is noticeable cheaper than in New Zealand.

Interesting cities close to our start and finish destination

Just to give you an idea we have listed some interesting cities close to the start/end point of this trip you might want to visit before or after the tour. We have also included the travel time by train and minimum of transfers required to get there.

Cities of interest close to start/end point
Hann Münden 

Travel time by train Transfers required
Kassel 30 Min 0
Minden 2h 15Min 2
Bremen 2h 45Min 1
Frankfurt / Airport 3h 2
Berlin 3h 30Min 1

If you intend to combine our Rhine and Romans tour with this bike trail we recommend a stop-over in e.g. Köln (Cologne) or Münster. You could also combine it with our Cosmopolitan North tour, which finishes in Berlin, a highly recommendable place to spend more time. We are happy to help arrange transport and additional nights for you – contact us.


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