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Main River Bike Trail - tour not available in 2018

wuerzburg_0382 / Patrona Franconiae, Festung Marienberg / Würzburg (Fränkisches Weinland) / (c) FrankenTourismus / FWL/ Würzburg / Hub

This wonderful bike trail along the river Main has been awarded 5 stars by the German national cycle association.

Our tour begins in the delightful festival town of Bayreuth and finishes 6 days later in Würzburg, a UNESCO world heritage city.

We cycle past Kulmbach through the wide Main valley, passing through the Beer Franc's (Bierfranken) gentle rolling hills. Approaching Bamberg and the surrounding wine growing region, the fields of hops gradually give way to Wine Franc (Weinfranken) vineyards.

With its ever changing landscapes and diverse artistic and cultural discoveries along the way, this gentle bike trail is a very enjoyable experience.






Day 1: Bayreuth – Arrival

Day 2: Bayreuth – Lichtenfels                61 km

Day 3: Lichtenfels – Bamberg                47 km

Day 4: Bamberg – Haßfurt                     37 km

Day 5: Haßfurt – Volkach                       56 km

Day 6: Volkach - Würzburg                    65 km

Day 1: Arrival in Bayreuth

It’s well worth arriving early. A historical residence of the Margraves and host of the world famous Richard Wagner Festival, Bayreuth is just waiting to be explored!
In the afternoon we meet a local guide and enjoy an English guided walking tour through the historic town center (2 hours). Briefing and bicycle handover take place late afternoon.

Day 2: Bayreuth - Lichtenfels

approx. 61 km cycling

Today we follow the “Red Main” through the charming Upper Franconian countryside to Kulmbach, where the “Red” and “White” Mains meet at the foot of the Fichtel mountains. We’ll visit Kulmbach’s old town centre and the Plassenburg castle which sits majestically above the town. From here, now that the “Red” and “White” Mains have joined together, we cycle along the “real” river Main to Burgkunstadt, where we take a break, before arriving at Lichtenfels, our overnight stop.

Day 3: Lichtenfels - Bamberg

approx. 47 km cycling

We start the day with a slightly hilly detour to Banz monastery (Kloster Banz) and learn about its history on a guided tour. Next we cycle along the “young” river Main whose many dams form numerous small idyllic lakes along the way, before arriving in Bamberg with its UNESCO world heritage listed old town. Once again we follow a local English speaking guide to tell us about the marvellous Imperial Cathedral and famous Bamberg Horseman Statue, the old Town Hall built in the middle of a bridge and the Old Palace (1.5–2 hours walk).

Day 4: Bamberg - Haßfurt

approx. 37 km cycling

This morning we follow the River Regnitz for a short distance before rejoining the Main, which takes us to the remarkable Maria Limbach Pilgrimage Church (Wallfahrtskirche Maria Limbach). Here we start to see the first vineyards, which mark the border between the beer and wine Francs. In Haßfurt we relax and take in the marvellous historical town centre.

Day 5: Haßfurt - Volkach

approx. 56 km cycling

In the morning we take a detour to a small town called Theres, which gives us a great insight into the German Baroque era with buildings like the Benedictine Abbey or the historical town hall. Then, in the afternoon we cycle to Volkach - famous for its excellent wines, via Fahr, home of the Bocksbeutel (the local wine is sold in this unique kind of container). To taste this speciality we embark on a very scenic Vineyard Walking Tour (1.5 hours) which includes tastings of four different wines.

Day 6: Volkach - Würzburg

approx. 65 km cycling

Today’s bike trail is asphalted and completely flat, so we reach Würzburg quickly which gives us time to visit the town together in the afternoon and do some sightseeing. The marketplace, the town hall, the old Main bridge, the Falkenhaus and the Marienkapelle with its sandstone figures are all well worth seeing, but the absolute highlight is the Würzburg Residence, ranked number three on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Of course we want to learn more about the Residence and follow once again a local guide who shows us this fabulous building and tells us about its history.  
We enjoy a last night together in Würzburg. Individual departure after breakfast the next morning.
We are happy to help arrange your arrival and departure or book additional services for you (such as additional nights).

Useful Information

Condition of the Bike Trails along the Main

The Main Bike Trail is the first bike trail that has been awarded 5 stars by the German ADFC (national cycle association). The well signposted cycle track encompasses nearly traffic-free routes, is almost entirely paved and has no significant gradients.


Bayreuth is famous as a festival town and hosts an international audience every year in July and August for the 30 Wagner performances at the festival theatre on Green Hill.
Margravine Wilhelmine, sister of Frederick the Great reigned in 18th Century Bayreuth and built the historical Hermitage park with its old castle, orangery and water features, the new castle Fantaisie with courtyard, garden and park as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Margrave Opera House.
Bayreuth today has no less than 25 museums, including Maisel's Brewery Museum, named in the Guinness Book of Records as the most extensive brewery museum in the world. read more

Lichtenfels is uniquely situated at the intersection of old, natural and cultural. The ancient craft of weaving for example is a regular topic in Lichtenfels.
A guided tour of the historic old town centre is worthwhile, with its Baroque town hall, stately town houses, palace, gate towers and preserved remains of medieval fortifications. You can also take a discovery tour of the underground passages.
Just outside the town gates stands the legendary Staffelberg hill, the magnificent Banz monastery and the unique “Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers” (Basilika Vierzehnheiligen), an architectural masterpiece by Balthasar Neumann. read more

Kloster Banz
The original Benedictine abbey was founded in 1070 – the “High Middle Age” period in Europe – and thus reflected the change of structure in society: even though a large percentage of the population still lived in the country, they were governed/ ruled by nobility from central locations. The homes and administrative buildings for them were magnificient to reinforce their social and political standing. read more

There is a lot to see in Bamberg. Numerous listed buildings convey medieval charm mixed with Baroque architecture. Among the most outstanding buildings are the late Romanesque - early Gothic Imperial Cathedral and famous Bamberger Horseman Statue as well as the Old Town Hall, built on the river Regnitz in the middle of a bridge. read more

Among the great wealth of monuments which define Haßfurt are the historic town hall, the twin-towered parish church, the knights chapel, the two gate-towers which mark the limits of the old town, the concert hall and the promenade along the river Main. read more

Volkach has been the historic wine growing centre of the region since the 17th century and has renewed its fame for making excellent white wines, especially, but not exclusively, Silvaner, whose reputation suffered a bit from the Liebfrauenmilch debacle in the 70’s. Modern wine makers now are using its subtle flavours to produce elegant wines that are easily matched with foods and becoming more and more appreciated. read more

With an average age of its citizens of 41 years, Würzburg is one of the “youngest” old towns in Germany. Its 124,000 inhabitants enjoy a mild climate which also aids the cultivation of the town’s excellent wines.
Here the Marienberg Fortress, Würzburg Cathedral (Kiliansdom) and numerous other churches, monasteries and secular buildings set the scene, but the absolute highlight is the Würzburg Residence, ranked number three on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Würzburg’s “Summer at the Harbour” (Hafensommer) festival attracts visitors from near & far and thousands come from all over Europe for the classic Mozart Festival as well as the highly renown Africa Festival. read more

bayreuth_064 / Stadtrundgang vor UNESCO Welterbe Margräfliches Opernhaus / Bayreuth (Fichtelgebirge) / (c) Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

bayreuth_066 / Neues Schloss / Bayreuth (Fichtelgebirge) / (c) Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH/Björn Vollmuth

bamberg_0620 / Regnitz mit Wasserschloss Concordia und den Domspitzen im Hintergrund / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus/Bamberg/Hub

bamberg_0872 / Auf dem Spezial-Keller / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus/Bamberg/Hub

bamberg_0883 / Auf dem Spezial-Keller / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus/Bamberg/Hub

bamberg_1159 / Am Geyerswörthsteg / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus / Andreas Hub

bamberg_1168 / Radler an der Walkmühle / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus / Andreas Hub

bamberg_1191 / Altes Rathaus / Bamberg (Steigerwald) / (c) FrankenTourismus/Holger Leue

fwl_2317 / Radlerin in Sommerhausen / Sommerhausen (Fränkisches Weinland) / (c) Fränkisches Weinland Tourismus / FrankenTourismus / Gerhard Eisenschink

fwl_2319 / Ochsenfurt / Ochsenfurt (Fränkisches Weinland) / (c) Fränkisches Weinland Tourismus / FrankenTourismus / Gerhard Eisenschink

rom_457 / Radfahrrast / (Romantisches Franken) / (c) FrankenTourismus/ROM/Hub

wuerzburg_0166 / Blick von der Festung Marienberg auf Würzburg / Würzburg (Fränkisches Weinland) / (c) FrankenTourismus / FWL / Hub

wuerzburg_1003 / Panoramablick von der Festung Marienberg auf Würzburg / Würzburg (Fränkisches Weinland) / (c) FrankenTourismus / FWL/ Würzburg / Hub

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Dates, Services & Price


tour not available in 2018

This cycle tour can be combined with the Cosmopolitan North tour.

What's Included:

• Activities as detailed in itinerary

Day 1  Bayreuth - English guided walking tour through the historic town center (2h)
Day 2  Plassenburg Castle – entrance fee and guided city tour through Kulmbach’s old town centre (1h)
Day 3  Banz Monastery – entrance fee and guided tour (1h)
Day 4  Bamberg - guided city walk (1-1.5h) and Visit Maria Limbach Pilgrimage Church
Day 5  Benedictine Abbey – entrance fee and guided Vineyard Walking Tour including 4 wine tastings (1.5h) in Volkach
Day 6  Würzburg - English guided walking tour through the historic town centre (1h) and entrance fee and guided tour Würzburg Residence

• 5-days bike hire, E-Bike available at additional cost (see more info on bikes in Details)

• 6 nights in good mid-range hotels (German standard 3-4 stars) incl. German-style breakfast, in double or twin rooms, with private facilities; single room optional with surcharge (see more info on meals and accomodation in Details)

• Luggage transport from hotel to hotel

Bike pannier (1 x 10l) plus small one on handle bar

Helmet and high visibility vest

• Map of bike trails with marked route

• Detailed route description

• Tips for tour preparation

• Professional bilingual & bicultural tour guide (English/German) throughout your whole trip

Price: EUR 1.645 p.p. for 4 - 6 participants (discount available for groups of 7 or more)


Discover Germany with your own personal guide!




All accommodation on this tour is in good mid-range Hotels (German Standard 3- 4Stars) and includes a rich and tasty German-style breakfast (see more below under 'Meals'). Standard is a shared double or twin room with private facilities.
Single rooms available (surcharge € 160).
Please be aware of one - not so pleasant - difference between single room accommodation in hotels in Germany and hotels in New Zealand:
In Germany single rooms are in most cases not double rooms for single occupancy like in New Zealand, but often smaller rooms with a single bed (mostly 1 m wide by 2 m long).


Our bikes will be delivered to our first hotel and picked up at our final destination.
You can choose between women's and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 21-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All women's bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all women from 150 cm in height and for all men from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.
There are E-Bikes available at the additional cost of € 100 / tour.  If you are interested be quick, there are a maximum of 3 E-Bikes per Tour.
The bikes come with one pannier (10l) for the back and one smaller one on the handle bar. Helmets and high visiblity vests are provided.


Most German hotels do not offer a cooked breakfast option but typical German breakfasts are quite substantial and usually consist of different breads and bread rolls, butter, cheese, salami, ham or other delicious cold cuts, boiled eggs, fruits, muesli, yoghurt, juice, coffee, tea, milk etc. Breakfasts are included at each hotel we stay at as this is the most convenient and relaxed way to start the day.
We have chosen, however, not to include lunch and dinner as this will leave us the choice of trying out whatever takes our fancy on the day. We will reserve a table for our group to be able to dine together but will make the decision on the day if we prefer a beer garden, a specialty restaurant, a pizzeria or the local pub.
Not only is the choice of meals yours, it will also save you a bit of money as ‘dining out’ is often a cheaper option than preordering a dinner menu in our accommodation place.
Our lunch breaks will be just as flexible – a stop at a German Bakery with their almost endless choices of delectable cakes, pastries and sandwiches, a beer garden with its regional fare, a picnic along the river trail, a tasty ‘Bratwurst’ from a market or one of the local specialties on route.
You will be pleasantly surprised that in general dining out in Germany is noticeable cheaper than in New Zealand.

Interesting cities close to our start and finish destination

Just to give you an idea we have listed some interesting cities close to the start and/or end of this trip you might want to visit before or after the tour. We have also included the travel time by train and minimum of transfers required to get there.

Cities of interest close to start point

Travel time by train Transfers required
Regensburg 2h 1
Nürnberg (Nuremberg) 3h 1
Frankfurt / Airport 3h 30 Min 1
München (Munich) 3h 45 Min 1
Leipzig 4h 1
Prag (Prague - Czech Republic) 4h 45 Min


Cities of interest close to end point
Travel time by train Transfers required
Rothenburg ob der Tauber  1h 15 Min 1
Frankfurt / Airport  1h 30 Min 0
Heidelberg  2h 15 Min 1
Stuttgart  2h 25 Min 0
München (Munich)  2h 45 Min 0
Ulm 3h 30 Min 1
Leipzig 3h 30 Min 1

If you intend to combine our Cosmopolitan North tour with this bike trail we recommend to either stay an extra night in Berlin, have a stop-over in Nuremberg, or arrive a day ealier in Bayreuth. We are happy to help arrange transport and additional nights for you – contact us.


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