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quote-l It was a fantastic tour and we never once regretted to have booked a Sidetracks adventure trip through New Zealand. It turned out to be just the right idea to travel with a small group of like-minded people – to experience the beauty together brings even more joy and to share the enthusiasm doubles the fun. You infected us with your enthusiasm for this amazing part of the world, with your dynamic, diligent, happy and positive outlook you conveyed much more than textbook knowledge. We learned so much about New Zealand nature and landscape, history, culture, the Alps, ferns, birds, possums, volcanoes, waterfalls... the list is endless! And then those fantastic bed & breakfast places and the scrumptious 5-star food! Organization and planning were just perfect. All in all: 12-Points for You, New Zealand, Sidetracks and Your Tour!!!!
Ekkehard & Isy 
quote-l My expectations of the country and the tour were high, but the reality of my experiences has by far excelled my expectations! New Zealand is indescribably beautiful in its diversity and I am very grateful that you showed us so many different facets of this country. Special thanks for the many alternative walks and your thoughtfulness!
quote-l I have to admit that I had decided that the North Island is the more beautiful one of the two long before I ever set foot onto the South Island - that it just couldn’t get any more beautiful. Then I arrived on the South Island...
There are beautiful days on this tour, and there are eventful days; days full of movement and days full of tranquility at magic places; and then there are days that make you stop and think that you just want to stay here forever.
In the Matukituki Valley the friendly banter about ‘stock units’ turned into a real sense of wanting to stay here. Scott’s Beach gave me energy for years to come and I realized that these Islands are just incomparable...
quote-l Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away“...and there were so many of those moments in this wonderful journey!
quote-l This tour is eventful, exciting, adventurous, fun, and full of information about this diverse country. As there are probably no reviews of this trip so far, and because I feel this is a real gem of a tour yet to be discovered, here is my credo: If someone really wants to experience the South Island of New Zealand, don’t muck about - book this trip!
I am happy to explain this in some more detail. Many think a camping trip is uncomfortable and only suitable for young travelers who can’t afford another way of traveling. This assumption is just so wrong! The South Island Explorer Tour is probably the most exclusive and impressive trip I have been on. It is a form of traveling I would recommend to those who have traveled extensively and have seen almost everything – even if they have already been to New Zealand. This tour doesn’t overlap with standard tour itineraries and on your own you will never find all those highlights and magic places...
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