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What is my tour group going to be like?

We consciously travel in a small group to allow you to get to know your fellow travelers better and have an in depth and personal travel experience.

We want you to experience fun and enjoyment with like minded people and mingle with the locals, but also provide you with opportunities to retreat if need be and have a personal moment. Often group members stay in touch long after they returned home and form long lasting friendships.

On the website you can find out more about Our Customers and read their Testimonials.

Do I need to book tours that join together or can I pick and choose which ones I want to go on?

You can use our tours as 'building blocks' and combine them with your own individual travel components, like visits to friends or family in Europe. Each tour is a 7 day long regional tour, with each regional tour being bookable as a separate entity, or you can link up to 6 together for the ultimate tour of Germany. Our bike trails complement our tours perfectly and can be booked on their own or in combination with a tour.

Will I get a refund if I don't take part in a particular activity during the tour?

It is your choice whether you take part in any particular activity. If you let us know that you won't be taking part in a particular activity at the time of booking, we can try and get a refund for you for that activity (this excludes locally guided tours).

If it becomes evident during the tour that you won't be able to participate in an activity, simply let your tour guide know in advance, so alternative arrangements can be made for you. Sidetracks will make every effort to get you a refund. This does not apply in the case of minor activities, or if the refund would contravene legal or official regulations.

All activities are undertaken at your own risk. Sidetracks is responsible for carrying out the services that are agreed to in the contract, within safety limits.

Are your tours guaranteed?

Tour departure:
Our tours are guaranteed to go ahead with 4 or more people booked in. When there are less than 4 people booked on a tour, we'll give you the opportunity of cancelling without cost or transferring to another Sidetracks Germany tour with more participants.

Tour price:
The price for the tour you have selected will be locked and guaranteed the moment we receive your deposit. For more details check out our Terms & Conditions.

How flexible are the tour itineraries?

There is some flexibility to adapt the itinerary according to such things as the weather, special events and group wishes. Of course all group members must be in agreement if any radical change to the itinerary is to be made, but one of the beauties of small-group touring is that we are not on a strict timetable like the big bus tours and can be much more relaxed and flexible in our approach. If you have a specific request which is not on the itinerary, we will do our best to accommodate it, but this will depend on the agreement of your fellow-travellers and the judgement of the guide as to whether the request is feasible and we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate it.

We have deliberately left some time windows in the itinerary to accommodate individual wishes, i.e. attending cultural performances etc. The earlier these wishes are mentioned to the guide the greater the chance that they can be accommodated.

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