Travel Philosophy

Considerate tourism is very important to us. We are committed to ensuring minimal cultural and environmental impact as traveling in a small group is in our opinion the most eco-friendly and social way of traveling.

We support local communities by not only visiting well-known sights but also attractions off the beaten track. We get to try delicious local specialties, often hand-made by local artisans and we'll eat local seasonal produce wherever we can.

Our carbon emissions in Europe are kept as low as possible by using alternative modes of transport wherever possible. Avoiding national flights is simple with the extensive public transport system in Germany. However, we are aware that air travel contributes to a large extent to the environmental impacts of a journey. As our tours have been created with travellers from Down Under in mind - and because there is no reasonable alternative to air travel due to the large distance to Europe - it is important to us that at least the ratio of duration and distance is justifiable. Therefore, we offer a unique small group tour concept consisting of 'building blocks' that can be combined with other travel components, like visiting friends and family in Europe.

Keeping our tours small is part of our commitment to sustainable tourism. But with only about 10 participants per tour, you can also be assured of a more flexible, intimate and relaxing travel experience. Our small groups offer the possibility to meet your fellow travellers, be active, go exploring and have lots of fun together – maybe even form new friendships (or partnerships!). It also makes sure you get the chance to mingle with the locals rather than just looking at the tourist façade.
On a Sidetracks tour we encourage you to be a participant – not just a passenger! Take your time to notice the many features, small and big, along the way, and really discover Germany, the heart of Europe.

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